Self-Portrait of Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry
Interaction Designer & Graphic Artist

Interaction Design

Graphic Arts


I’m a visual storyteller with a passion for creating compelling interactive experiences, based on strong user research and inventive design. As someone with a background in both library science and illustration I have a deep understanding of information architecture and the visual style to make it pop.

I’ve long had a fascination with technology and the ways in which we interact with ever more sophisticated machines, and I love to help shape those relationships, making them fun and entertaining.

I also have a strong background in graphic arts and illustration. I spent a lot of time in nature growing up in the Pacific NW, and when I wasn’t exploring local forests and beaches I was watching bad sci-fi and horror films for laughs. Those influences are still evident in my work today in my off-kilter sense of humor and cartoonish naturalism. Mostly self-taught, I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pen. There is a strong narrative element in my work, which can be seen in works ranging from t-shirt graphics to comics.